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Warning Signs

If you have any of these warning signs, give us a call as soon as possible.



It has been over a year since your dryer vent was cleaned.



Your dryer or laundry room feels hot.



Your clothes take too long to dry.



You smell an unusual odor.

What We Do

Our Services

1. Remove and clean the transition duct
2. Clean the entire dryer vent
3. Clean common areas of lint build-up

Cleaning jobs average one hour. Some jobs take less time, others more time. A complete inspection of your dryer vent system will be done upon arrival to determine how long the job will take.


Vent cleaning starting at


Our Guarantee

Payment is not due until your vent is completely clean and you are satisfied.




Prevent a Fire – Clean Your Dryer!

Dryer lint is extremely flammable. Lint not caught in the screen gets clogged in the duct work. Clogged duct work causes the dryer to run hot, which may cause a fire.


Reduce Laundry Time

A clean dryer vent saves you money by drying clothes in one cycle.

Lower Utility Bills

A clean dryer vent saves you money by reducing drying cycles.

Dryer Life

A properly maintained dryer has a longer life expectancy.



Clean air.

Clean dryer vents mean less humidity and dust in your home.


Though rare, rodents and critters of all kinds can find there way into your dryer duct system.

Ben Pace

Owner – Licensed and Insured

As an elementary teacher, real estate agent, and small business owner I feel called to serve others. I am honest, fair, and a man of integrity. Safe Duct Cleaning Service provides me an opportunity to serve your friends and family with safety in mind; one dryer vent at a time.

Romans 8:28

  • “Safe Ducts made my dryer more efficient while making my home safer. Worth every penny”

    Merl Wagoner Satisfied Customer

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